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February 15 2018

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A Quick Look at How One Company is Making it Simpler to Buy Bitcoin

Millions of people have become interested in Bitcoin, but getting started with the cryptocurrency sometimes seems more difficult than it should be. The initial promise of Bitcoin, after all, was to create a distributed digital currency that anyone could use.

Unfortunately, many have discovered that it can be challenging to jump through the hoops and endure the delays that many exchanges seem to impose. Providers like Bitcoin Of America are dedicated to making it much easier to obtain the currency in a number of important ways.

Bitcoin Should Be Easy to Acquire for Anyone Who Wants It

A recent surge of interest in Bitcoin saw the value of the currency skyrocket. While that was welcome news for those who already had balances of their own, many others felt left out.

Although there are a number of established exchanges that claim to be ready to trade Bitcoin for conventional currency, their promises sometimes turn out to be hollow. In practice, many who turn to these sources find themselves faced with onerous requirements and slow turnaround times.

Bitcoin Of America was founded to make things a lot easier in each and every case. Instead of mandating that Bitcoin buyers submit reams of documentation, the company maintains much more streamlined processes. Instead of the delays that are so typical of the major exchanges, speedy transactions are the norm.

A Variety of Ways to Quickly, Easily Obtain Bitcoin

Achieving such results has taken some innovative thinking. Would-be Bitcoin owners today can make use of options including:

ATMs. With dozens of machines installed across the country, buying Bitcoin in person has never been easier. A quick visit to a Bitcoin-enabled ATM can allow anyone to add funds to a digital wallet. In addition to being straightforward and convenient, this approach does away with the privacy concerns that so many exchanges raise.

Western Union. Another increasingly popular option is to use payment services like Western Union to facilitate the transfer of Bitcoin. Once again, this has proved for many to be a much more satisfying approach than the most obvious alternatives.

As a result, many more people are finding themselves participating in the Bitcoin revolution instead of being forced to stand on the sidelines. That is excellent news for all those who are interested in this exciting technology.

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